My Two Cents on Books

I read books. I used to read more often than I do now, but I read. And when a book moves me, either positively or negatively, I’ll share my thoughts on it. I normally share on Goodreads and Amazon, but I decided to write and share an in-depth review of a book written by an independent author on my blog Life in a Few words and I have received requests from other authors to review their books.

I share my own work on my blog—poetry, short stories, books, etc. For books I choose to review on my own accord, I’ll share both on that blog as well as this one. For those who have requested my two cents, I’ll share here. I do not charge authors to review their books, though monetary tips are always welcome! (Be aware that a tip/donation will not guarantee a fast turnaround or a positive review)

Note: I will also NOT pay to review a book, meaning if you’re not offering a free copy, then I will not review. I intend to keep reading a hobby and my writing as my work, so I’ll only take on as many books as I feel I can handle. If you’re interested in having your book reviewed, reach out to me by email or on social media and we can work something out. Happy reading and check out my links below!

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