Book Review: The Rich Girls’ Club by HoneyB

Fierce, sexually liberated and filthy rich, Storm, Brooks, Hope and Morgan form the Rich Girls Club. In short, they seek to dominate whatever they do. In this story, they are seeking political power to ultimately show what a woman can do and how well she can do it in positions of leadership. However, personal conflicts between the women, along with a couple of poorly thought-out plans threatens both their plan for political domination and their friendship with one another.

Brooks is chosen to run for governor by Morgan, the mastermind behind the club. Storm and Hope are enlisted to make sure that Brooks’ competition isn’t so competitive. Unfortunately for Brooks, her own skeletons could come out of her closet and cost the Rich Girls everything. The relationship she shares with one of the other women is scandalous, but what’s even more scandalous is who her other lovers are. Egos clash, ridiculous amounts of money are put on the line and lives are threatened.

To be honest, I skimmed most of the book. The erotic scenes held my interest for the most part, but the plot left much to be desired. I couldn’t say that I liked any of the characters, but I had a strong dislike for Morgan because she had the biggest, most despicable ego of them all. Seeing how she responded to much of the trouble in the book that was largely caused by her own actions was both entertaining and frustrating. The ending isn’t fairy tale, or at least not totally, and the message is one that some could consider controversial. Overall, this was an entertaining read that definitely encourages women’s liberation from any and everything. I rate it a 3 out of 5.


The Rich Girls Club is available for purchase at all major retailers. Purchase links are below:

Amazon – Click here

Kobo – Click here

Barnes & Noble – Click here


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