Book Review: The Unhappy Wife

Wives, girlfriends, significant others: Do you feel like you’re being heard? I mean really heard? Felt? Loved? Maybe you do. If so, then The Unhappy Wife by K.E. Garland is a good read for you because you can get a glimpse of what marriage is like for women who are not satisfied and you can glean information or just be entertained. If you’re not satisfied, then this is good read for you because there’s sure to be something that you can relate to in this book.

The Unhappy Wife doesn’t preach or lecture. It doesn’t attempt to vilify anyone. There’s no man-bashing or single woman-bashing or any other bashing. It is simply a collection of twelve short stories/anecdotes shared by twelve very different women. The book is divided into three parts: The Voiceless Wife, The Detached Wife, and The Committed Wife.

Considering I am not married and never have been, none of the stories were anything I could directly relate to from a married woman’s perspective, but I know and have known people who have gone through similar situations such as those presented in this book. Then there were some issues presented that don’t require marriage at all because the feelings of hurt and confusion experienced by some of these women are universal.

Married or not, how many of us have been in relationships of any sort (marriage, friendship, etc.) and totally ignored warning signs simply because we didn’t want to believe or acknowledge the worst? How many of us have proceeded to make decisions against our better judgment at the urging of those around us or to simply fill a role we think our family or society expects us to fill? How often do we do things because they just seemed like the right or honorable thing to do? I have never held the title of “wife”, but I do know what it is like to experience these things. I also know what is like to take a stand for myself despite popular opinion like one of the Voiceless Wives did when she finally found her voice and realized her situation was not good for her.

Many of the stories left me thinking. A couple of them left me speechless. A couple of them had me laughing, not because they ere funny, but because the situation just seemed ridiculous like a daytime talk show drama and sad because it is real life stuff that many people go through. I know I’ve encountered a couple of people like one of the Detached Wives who left her husband several times a year because of his consistent infidelities but always returned home simply because she was married and paid the mortgage.

None of these stories really have a start, middle and end. They are a glimpse in time. There’s enough information given for the reader to glean whatever they will. They are very well-written, which actually made it a bit frustrating for me because I would become engrossed in each story and disappointed when they ended, sometimes abruptly. I really wanted to know what happened next with most of these women. Perhaps the abrupt endings are so because that is the point at which we, the readers, are expected to reflect. K.E. Garland did a great job compiling these stories and making them something that almost anyone can enjoy. I rate it a 4/5 stars.


The Unhappy Wife can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. K.E. Garland can be contacted through her blog

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