aside Book Review: The Higher Learning Curve

How long does it take to figure out if you love someone? Do you know what love entails? Those are the questions that young lovers Marlon and Vickie try to answer in this steamy tale by Keith Kareem Williams.

The synopsis reads: Marlon and Victoria are two young college students who are trying to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives while also trying to figure out what they’re doing with each other. What started out as a meaningless summertime fling has become something much more complicated and confusing to them both. Enter Priscilla Anthony, Marlon’s World Arts professor, who offers the young lovers a ride to rescue them after class. The rainy evening they spend together becomes the beginning of a series of sensual entanglements that develops into something none of them expected. The interactions that follow take on a strangely sensual and erotic dynamic with resounding ripple effects throughout all of their lives.

Don’t let the innocent book cover fool you. There’s a lot going on that will make many readers blush. Marlon and Vickie began their relationship as a fling. When the question of “Where are we headed” is sprung all sorts of confusion is let loose and is further perpetuated by their respective itches that they’re dying to scratch. Marlon has a crush on his curvy, youthful art professor Priscilla and she has her eye on him, too. Vickie has an admirer in the form of her classmate Rick. However, after being questioned by Vickie about his love for her Marlon is determined to keep her and leave Priscilla as a fantasy. Vickie, on the other hand, wants to explore her freedom as a young, independent, liberated woman. Being a seasoned liberated woman herself, Priscilla is just the one to school Vickie and Marlon on adventure in relationships.

To cut straight to the chase: I read this novel in about five hours. It held my attention so well that I hated to put it down. Here’s what I enjoyed about it: Priscilla. Her character doesn’t even take up a significant portion of the story, but her presence is always evident. The focus of the book is Marlon’s relationship with Vickie and though their story is interesting and relatable (I’ve been there), I just had to know how Priscilla would fit into their situation.

It seemed like every time Marlon and Vickie decided to take a step forward, or at least attempt to properly communicate with one another, Priscilla was there. She conveniently appears at the most inopportune times, such as near the beginning when Marlon and Vickie are caught in the rain and need a ride. She has impeccable timing in regards to furthering her own agenda and she offers what could be considered good advice for Vickie if she weren’t out to seep her claws into Marlon.

Even more interesting is Priscilla’s relationship with her husband, Charles. Their sex life is as hot and entertaining as it could get, but past indiscretions lead to some very thought-provoking and somewhat disturbing psychological moments between the two. Priscilla’s idea of revenge, sexiness and punishment are not what the average person would expect. At certain points I watched Priscilla’s actions and her thought process concerning Charles and thought, “She’s doing way too much.” Then, I found myself disgusted with Charles for allowing her to behave in a certain manner despite the grudges she held against him. ‘Manipulative’ accurately describes Priscilla as a whole.

This book kept me entertained. I enjoyed seeing Marlon and Vickie’s story unfold as two young lovers who just don’t know what they want to do. Ultimately, they were just young and dumb and ripe for Priscilla’s picking. There was one angle to their tale that I found pretty predictable, but it was still enjoyable for me. All in all, this is another great book by Keith Kareem Williams. I rate it a 4/5 stars.


The Higher Learning Curve is available in both print and digital format on Amazon. You can also purchase autographed paperback copies from Williams himself by reaching out to him on any of his social media pages.

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