Book Review: Man on the Run

Jay Crawford is a man on the run. If you’ve read Carl Weber’s previous books Married Men and She Ain’t the One, which he co-wrote with Mary B. Morrison, then you’ll already be familiar with Jay. For those who have not, then I’ll give you a quick rundown. Jay is playboy became involved with a woman named Ashlee. The fling didn’t last long, which was very upsetting for Ashlee. She was so upset that she made Jay’s life a living hell, eventually setting him up to do time in jail by accusing him of rape. In this novel, it is ten years later and Jay has escaped from jail in an attempt to clear his name.

In true Carl Weber fashion, everything is over the top, which is what has kept me coming back to his books over the years. It has been a while since I read both Married Men and She Ain’t the One, so the details of each book was a little fuzzy for me and that made it a little difficult for me at times while I was reading Man on the Run. There were points in the book when I was trying to remember what happened in the previous stories and I found myself getting lost in those memories and not focusing on what was in front of me. From what I’ve learned, some of the details of those books don’t match up with those in this book, which is part of what aided in the confusion. On it’s own though, there were high points in this book that made it a page-turner.

There is plenty of drama and action and it moves at a fast pace. It starts with one of Jay’s close friends, Kyle, and Kyle’s wife being ambushed by the US Marshals in search of Jay. We later are reintroduced to the rest of the gang, Wil and Allen. Each of the main characters has their own personal drama to deal with in the form of cheating spouses and shady family business matters (Weber weaves in a few characters from his successful The Family Business series into this book) in addition to Jay’s mission to gain his freedom. There’s mystery. There’s sex. There’s scandal. There’s a little bit of violence thrown in there, too. You know, all the good stuff.

I was thoroughly entertained by everything that was going on, but that was because I didn’t put much thought into it. It was fun, dramatic and interesting. However, if you’re looking for a book that focuses on in-depth character development, then you’d want to pass this one up. It doesn’t explore any why’s or how’s. As the reader, you don’t get to learn what makes anyone tick or why. You just learn that it does.

Also, I wasn’t thrilled with how the book ended. There was so much build-up from all of the action and twists that I felt the story ended too fast and it was weak to me. It left the door open for a sequel, which I will probably read simply because I love Carl Weber. So, for a quick entertaining read to pull you completely out of your own world, I rate this a 3.5/5 stars.



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