Book Review: Indebted

I downloaded this book ages ago but finally decided to read it recently. I had conflicting feelings about this interracial romance, so I’ll cut right to the chase.

Kendra is a hardworking, educated black woman who is finishing up her master’s degree and is working as a waitress at a local diner to support herself in the meantime. Nothing is exciting or confusing about her life until Matthew Blackwell, the handsome bachelor billionaire walks into the diner and requests that she goes out with him. It’s a good enough set-up, especially considering I wasn’t expecting much, but from there it went downhill for me.

Let me start with what I disliked first so that I can end this on a positive note. First, Kendra and Matthew’s first date ended horribly with him attempting to have sex with her. She ended up declining his advances because at the age of twenty-six she’s still a virgin. There’s no issue there for me, however, it seemed wrong on so many levels for him to come back apologizing a day or so later and she gives it up to him then. After that, they’re in love. And it’s only been a week. That’s not to say that there’s a time limit on how and when people fall in love, but I was just waiting for a reason with a little more depth than Matthew being handsome and charming in order for Kendra to give her body to him so quickly after remaining a virgin for twenty-six years. Not only that, but also the fact that she had unprotected sex with him and there was so much of his seed being left with her, but no signs of pregnancy, annoyed me a great deal. The issue of depth and lack thereof remained an issue for me throughout the entire book.

Second, there is a scene where Matthew and Kendra’s best friend are in an interesting position, which causes some conflict because Kendra jumps to a few incorrect conclusions and promptly distances herself from Matthew. The thing is, in my opinion, she had every right to be upset. Actually, there were a couple of situations in which Kendra reacted in a fairly reasonable manner, yet her reactions were portrayed as major character flaws when it is revealed that Matthew really does have a “heart of gold” and isn’t only fulfilling a fantasy of being intimate with a woman of color or one who isn’t part of his normal circle of peers.

Third, it wasn’t difficult to assume that Matthew is a jerk and even when he is being kind and loving towards Kendra there still felt like there was an ulterior motive. He had secrets and, to me, it felt like there was more than what he revealed. When the story ended I still felt like he was full of it. Nothing about their relationship as it was portrayed in the book gave me the feeling that they would live happily ever after. Perhaps this is why I don’t (or maybe shouldn’t) read romance novels often.

As for the positive, I feel that the author is a very good writer. She was able to capture my interest from the beginning and I believe it was more her style of writing that kept me reading than it was the actual story. Her words flow so well that it kept my attention. I really enjoyed the erotic scenes because I thought they were well-written and easy to imagine.

Indebted had the potential to be a great story, but it fell short for me. I rate it a 3 out of 5 stars. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either.

It appears that this Indebted is not available for purchase from any retailers at this time, however, I have posted the Goodreads page for this book below.

Goodreads –


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