Book Review: Regret the Day I Said Yes

I learned about Regret the Day I Said Yes when I met the author, Regina Swanson, at the Atlanta Kickback back in July. She thought I’d enjoy this book and she gifted me a copy. This was a good read for me and I’ll tell you why. The synopsis reads:

How much of yourself are you really willing to give up to keep a happy home?

After catching her husband with a mouth full of someone else’s vagina, Janelle has to decide if she can forgive and forget.

That thing called LOVE can turn your entire world upside down and knock you on your ass in the blink of an eye.

Alan has done the unthinkable and just might have burned any chance of reconciliation with his wife after leaving her stranded and flown home with his mistress.

Regret the Day I Said Yes: Too Late For Sorry is a story about a group of couples who think they have found the answer to having a happy lifelong marriage.

Bailee & York and Tiffany & Damon have been secretly swinging for years. As they see their friends’ marriages on the brink of disaster they encourage them to give it a try to spice things up.

While it all seems logical at first, time later reveals that every choice has a consequence; Good or bad, their actions can come back to haunt them.

Can these marriages be saved? Can these friendships be rebuilt?

Have you ever regretted the day you said yes? Sometimes it’s too late for sorry.

I’ve seen the opening scene before. Wife walks in on husband and mistress in the throes of passion. It isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, but it does grab the reader’s attention and hold it. Janelle’s (the wife in question) reaction alone was plenty to hold my attention and Alan’s (the philandering husband) and Kristy’s (unapologetic home-wrecker) actions that followed had me upset and cursing up a storm while I flipped the pages. An author’s goal was to have the reader feeling something, anything, towards the characters to get them emotionally involved and Swanson did just that with the characters of Alan and Kristy.

I liked that the author shared some of Alan’s thought process while he rationalized breaking his wife’s and children’s hearts and continuing his affair. It made me hate him even more, but appreciate the author’s efforts in telling the story. The situation is real and it is one that couples all over go through everyday, however it is a little more entertaining when it is a work of fiction and not your real life.

When we are introduced to the friends of Janelle and Alan (Trinity and Damon, Bailey and York, Shani and Kyle) the book goes from real life to movie entertainment. The ultimate setup for the couples, them going on a group couples vacation, is one that I’ve seen in other books and movies, but the topic of swinging threw a little curve ball for me. It is in the book’s description that swinging is involved, but the manner in which it was thrown is what makes it interesting. Ultimately, the spotlight lands on infidelity, trust, and double standards and you’re left with a few thoughts to consider after you’ve finished the book.

Although I enjoyed the book, there were a few things I didn’t care for. First, I would’ve liked to have seen more of Janelle and Alan’s marriage in the form of a flashback or conversation or something. Alan himself said that Janelle was a great wife and there was no justification for his affair, so I guess maybe I’m just hoping that he had some kind of redeeming quality and that he wasn’t just a selfish coward of a man. Or maybe more details just would have made me even more disgusted with him.

Second, although it was fun to watch the drama unfold when swinging was brought into the picture (I was sipping be away on my frappucino and glued to the pages like I was watching TV) I was really more interested in Janelle, Alan and how Janelle picked up the pieces after their split than I was with the addition of the friends and the vacation. There were so many possibilities with Janelle’s story alone and, although entertaining, the vacation took away from that. I felt like that could have been a book all on its own.

Third, I’m glad Janelle found a love interest, but I hate that there was hardly any focus on him and their blossoming relationship. Love at first sight and kismet are wonderful thoughts, but their relationship progressed incredibly fast and under the strangest of circumstances given the situation. Shani and Kyle’s story is secondary to Janelle’s, but could also very well have been it’s own story. Trinity and Damon and Bailey and York were minor characters who had specific roles, but, in my opinion could have been left out completely and the story wouldn’t have suffered. Ultimately, I suppose most of that could fall under the umbrella of development because I felt the book could have used more content pertinent to Janelle’s and Shani’s stories and could have saved the other couples for a different novel to really give the other plots more shine.

Lastly, though I don’t often mention it in most reviews, this book could have used another round of editing. There were a few too many errors for me to ignore and not have it affect my view on the book as a whole. Despite the dislikes, there was far more that I liked about the book. It was interesting and entertaining. I finished it in a few hours and was glad that I read it.


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