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Reflection in the Music


How do you mend a broken heart when you are your own worst enemy? Melissa is lost and hasn’t the first clue of where to find herself. Pea can’t let go of her past mistakes, which is suffering her present and future. Sherri thrives on her vanity, but even the most vain finds herself falling short. Jane just wants to start over and make amends, but how does one mend a broken heart? Life has a funny way of connecting the lost and confused. Some mistakes are meant to be made and some wounds aren’t meant to be healed. Some wounds don’t want to heal. Despite the shortcomings and differences, these ladies find themselves all singing the same tune. Beauty, passion, art, fear and love all had their hands in the composition of the ladies’ song—a song that reveals the deepest layer of each one’s being.

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SHE could be anybody. In some instances, SHE could even be HE. Her spirit is universal, as are her day to day epiphanies. In this collection of short stories an entirely different perspective is revealed in a series of wake-up calls results in smelling the coffee, basking in the sunlight and stopping to smell the roses.

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